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&someday you'll bring our lovely ending.//

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+the envy.
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*t h e . b o n b o n.

Iconjournal of dieaku. Although, overtime this has become more of a resource journal. Oh well. I make the stuff I make, both icons/graphics and other resources because out of boredom or just for fun.

*r u l e s

CREDIT: I'm never going to say that I'm going to hunt you down and KEEL Jo0! because that's retarded. I don't have the time to monitor the internet 24/7, even if it looks like it. So I'm going to pretend that you're crediting me for my work beacause it's all in good fun.
DO NOT DIRECT LINK: Everyone fucking hates it, so don't do it. There shouldn't be a need for me to say this but there are people with shit in their brains out there.
ICONS AGREEMENT: Even though I don't know why one would want to alter a finished icon, you may do it. Just, please, for the sake of everything, don't fuck up the quality. :\ Now, textures? I don't care. Hey, they're there for you so do it if you need to, you're making your stuff with them so do it well. :)

COMMENT: Please!  I'd like to know, like, what you're taking and your opinion (even a bad one).

*r e s o u r c e s

*L A Y O U T

For some reason, and I really mean it, I do not know why, I featured my little chihuahua in my header. Her and one of her then newborns, actually.
Layout stylesheets refuted; Program used was Photoshop CS2. For once, I didn't actually put random lyrics on the header, though I was aching to. :9 Sadly, the layout didn't relate to Envy{FMA} in any way.
- Where's My Love? ;/ Caroline
>> Oh wow. I love this little song. I came across it thanks to immoral's AkuRoku fan-soundtrack. Though, it also greatly reminds me of Chobits. x]
>>&of course, Bonbon.<3

*a f f i l i a t e s

do it? :D [Comment on latest post]

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